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Sunday, 07 June 2009 14:09
1.  Is it possible to obtain the car in the day of request without the preliminary booking?
Yes, you may rent the car in the day of request but we note that you can choose the car only within the remaining. We believe it is more convenient to reserve the car in advance so that we can guarantee the booking, provide you with the suitable car and proceed with the required documents in the short terms.  
2. Hoy much petrol will be available in the rent / leased car?
The Client receives the car with the full petrol tank. This information will be stated in the act of acceptance. According to the rules the Client should return the car with the full petrol tank. Otherwise the Client should reimburse the cost of the used petrol calculated as the difference between the amount of petrol stated in the act of acceptance and the remaining amount of petrol per EUR 1,5 for each litter.
3. I have only international driver license obtained / received in the other country. Is it possible to rent a car with your Company?
Yes, sure.  You are more than welcome to rent a car with our Company in case the duration of validity of your driver license exceeds the rent duration.  
4. Who are responsible for the repair of rented car in case of road traffic accident?
All the repair expenses should be incurred by the guilty person.
5. В каком виде я должен вернуть автомобиль?
Автомобиль возвращается в чистом виде (внутри и снаружи).
6. Where it is possible to leave the car when the rent time is over?  The only way is to come to your office or I can leave the car at any place I prefer?  
You may rent and leave the car at any place of Prague subject of the preliminary request, in particular near the international airport Rusine. In the head office (please refer to the section Contact details) you may proceed with this at any time (without day-offs).
7. Are the rented cars equipped with winter whells?
All cars are equipped with the appropriate whells.
8. Can we equip the rented car with child safety seat?
Yes, sure. All cars are equipped with special attach hardwares.

 Предоставляете ли вы автомобили в прокат лицам, не достигшим 21 года ?
Is it possible to rent a car by an individual up to 21 years cars  

 Нам с другом хотелось бы взять у вас напрокат машину на двоих. Это возможно ?
Существует возможность предоставления автомобиля в прокат сразу двум и более водителям.

11. Что делать в случае, если в автомобиле возникла неисправность ?
Связаться с нашим головным офисом, работающим круглосуточно, для оперативного решения проблемы.

12. Is it possible to go to other countries of European Union on the rented car, e.g. Germany or Austria?
Ограничений по передвижению по другим странам Евросоюза с нашей стороны нет, необходимо не забывать только приобретать дорожные марки другис стран, для право проезда по их платным дорогам.
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